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Comfortable, breathable and durable. Our knit sweaters are made from high quality Italian wool yarns that feel warm and soft on the skin.

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So cool and comfy, a knitted sweater with crew neck and relaxed fit. The special pattern makes this design a truly unique piece. Made to stand the test of time so you can wear it over and over. Designed and made in Barcelona.


50% Merino wool + 50% Acrylic

Merino wool fibers, one of the natural and softest types of wool. Merino wool is different from common wool, since it comes from a specific type of sheep with different and very beneficial properties, with a very fine, soft and very high quality fiber that adapts better to the skin. Not producing itching in contact with the skin, as sometimes happens with other wools, it is flexible and particularly resistant combined with acrylic.

Garment care

Our sweaters are made out of merino wool, this is a very good fabric which doesn’t need to be washed as often as other materials. Actually, the best way to treat quality wool would be to spot clean it and let the knit take air, instead of washing it each time. 

Every now and then, when it actually needs a good wash, we highly recommend to hand-wash it only, and using cold water. Do not rub it, gently soak it in cold water mixed with wool detergent for a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes should be okay) and rinse it also gently a couple of times. After, just press the water out of the knit as much as possible (without wringing it or squeezing it). The thing with wet wool is that it tends to stretch easily, this is why you don’t want to squeeze it tight or hang it, it’s always better to let it air dry by laying flat. 

Enjoy more, wash less.

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